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SET: MINI Standard Package
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Warranty Policy

1. Warranty timeline


Parts List

Warranty Period

3D Printing Related Products

Neptune 2/2D/2S/X/3/3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max/4/4 Pro/4 Plus/4 Max

Main Parts of the Machine (nozzle and build plate sheet Excluded)

12 Months

Mars/Mars Pro/Mars C

LCD Screen

3 Months

Other Main Parts of the Machine (FEP&Tools Excluded)

12 Months

Mars 2/2 Pro/3/3 Pro/4/4 MAX/4 Ultra/

Saturn/Saturn S/Saturn 2/Saturn 8K/3/3 Ultra/4/4 Ultra

LCD Screen

6 Months

Other Main Parts of the Machine (FEP&Tools Excluded)

12 Months

Mars 4 DLP

Main Parts of the Machine (FEP&Tools Excluded)

12 Months


LCD Screen

3 Months

Other Main Parts of the Machine (FEP&Tools Excluded)

12 Months

Jupiter SE

LCD Screen

6 Months

Other Main Parts of the Machine (FEP&Tools Excluded)

12 Months

Mercury Plus V1.0/V2.0
Mercury X/XS Bundle

Main Parts of the Machine (Tools Excluded)

12 Months


Main Parts

PCB, Motor, Laser head, Power Adapter

12 Months

Other Parts①


6 Months

Other Parts②

Synchronous belt, motor connection line, laser connection line

3 Months

Consumables and
Other attached

Power cord, USB cable, Engraving Material (filter cartridge, wood board, stainless steel sheet, leather, etc.), user manual, packaging, tools (hexagonal wrench, open-end wrench), etc.

No warranty

Arduino Kits, Robot Kits & Component Kits



12 Months

Pre-owned Products



No warranty

Accessories (For individual purchases)

LCD Screen:

Resin leakage, scratch-resistant film damage, human damage, collision damage are not included in the warranty.

3 Months

LCD Screen:
Mars 2/2 Pro/3/3 Pro/4/4 Ultra/4 Max/

Saturn /S/2/8K/3/3 Ultra/4/4 Ultra/Jupiter SE

Resin leakage, scratch-resistant film damage, human damage, collision damage are not included in the warranty.

6 Months

Air Purifier:
Mini/USB/Mars Mate

Consumables (activated carbon) are not warranted, as well as human damage, disassembly is not covered by the warranty.

12 Months

Mini Heater

Consumables (activated carbon) are not warranted, as well as human damage, disassembly is not covered by the warranty.

12 Months

Build Plate

Damage caused by scratches, drops or bumps is not covered by the warranty.

6 Months

Release Film:


Release film is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty

Resin Tank

Installation tools and screws are not warranted

6 Months

Washing Bucket:

Mercury Plus V1.0/ V2.0

Mercury X/XS Bundle

No warranty for damage caused by man / misuse (e.g. resin curing inside the bucket).

6 Months

3D Stainless Steel Funnel

3D Stainless Steel Funnel is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty

Hotend Kit:
Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max/4/4 Pro/4 Plus/4 Max

Entire Hotend Kit

6 Months

Extruder Kit:
Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max /4/4 Pro /4 Plus/4 Max

Entire Dual-Gear Direct Extruder Kit

6 Months

STM 32-bit Silent Motherboard:
Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max


12 Months

PEI Magnetic Platform Kit:

Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max

PEI Magnetic Platform Kit is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty

Nozzle Kit:

Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max/4/4 Pro/4 Plus/4 Max

Nozzle is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty

Cooling Fan Kit:Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max

Including 4010/4015 Blower Fan and 6010 Axial Flow Fan

6 Months

PTFE Tube:
Neptune 3 Pro/3 Plus/3 Max

PTFE Tube is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty



12 Months

Rotary Attachment:
PHECDA Laser Engraver


12 Months

10W/20W Air Assist:

PHECDA Laser Engraver


12 Months


PHECDA Laser Engraver


12 Months

Honeycomb Panel:
PHECDA Laser Engraver

Honeycomb Panel is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty


PHECDA Laser Engraver


12 Months

Composite Filter:

PHECDA Laser Engraver

Composite Filter is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty

10W/20W Laser Module:

PHECDA Laser Engraver



12 Months

Window Mirror:

PHECDA Laser Engraver

Window Mirror is a consumable product without warranty

No warranty

20W Adapter:

PHECDA Laser Engraver


12 Months

2. Warranty Rules for Laser Head and Tube

A. Laser Head WarrantyRules:
  The rate of laser power drop is related to the frequency of use, working hours, and working environment.

Laser Tube Warranty Rules:

a). If the laser tube is found to be damaged during the first unpacking inspection, after-sales warranty service can be provided normally;

b). During the warranty period, if the laser tube cannot emit light normally, but no obvious appearance defects are found, after-sales warranty services can be provided normally;

c). During the warranty period, if the laser tube has any appearance cracks (including but not limited to cracks caused by improper handling or cracks caused by freezing temperatures), after-sales warranty services can't be provided normally.


3. Warranty Forfeiture

The following Conditions Are Not Covered Under Warranty:
A. Products without sufficient proof of purchase
B. Lost or stolen products
C. Items that have expired their warranty period
D. Non-quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)
E. Free products
F. Repairs through 3rd parties
G. Damage from outside sources
H. Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, and operating devices improperly)
I. Purchases from illegitimate resourcesor second-handed parties
J. Normal discoloration, wear, or consumption during product use.


Return & Refund Policy

1. For Unwanted Items
*This clause does not apply to Pre-owned & Refurbished items.

If the Elegoo product that you purchased does not meet your satisfaction but was not confirmed defective by certified Elegoo technicians, we call such product as “unwanted product”.


You may return the unwanted product to Elegoo for a full refund within 14 days or replacement within 30 days of the delivery date unless otherwise specified in the products’ listing on our website, on the receipt, or packing slip. You are responsible for the shipping fees. Beyond the end of those 14 days, refunds for unwanted products are not available, and beyond 30 days, refunds and exchanges for unwanted products are not available.


Unwanted Issue



Responsibility of Return Shipping Charges



Within 14 Days


Within 30 Days



Within Warranty





Important: To avoid any delay or denial of processing your refund and exchange request, please verify that your returning product satisfies all of our following inspection criteria.


The product for refund and exchange must be:
A. In new and unused condition (Free from damages of any type, including, but not limited to dents, scratches, cracks, abuse, and defacement);
B. Complete with all parts & accessories included and all original tags and labels attached;


For your own benefit, we recommend that you use a traceable carrier that can provide you with the delivery confirmation to ship your Product for refund back to the location instructed in the RMA authorization. Elegoo shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the returning product caused in transit.


The returning product will be thoroughly inspected by Elegoo when received and a decision will be made whether the inspection criteria are met. If your returning product fails to satisfy the inspection criteria and has been shipped to Elegoo, your non-conforming product for refund or exchange will be rejected or subject to a restocking fee of up to 15% at Elegoo’s sole discretion.


After the 14-day refund/30-day exchange window has expired, your only recourse regarding the products is through our warranty.

2. For Quality-Related Items
*This clause does not apply to Pre-owned & Refurbished items.

 A. Product is defective when you receive it, within 14days of delivery, you can return defective items to Elegoo and get a full refund or replacement, and Elegoo is responsible for return shipping charges. Or you can ask Elegoo to repair defective items, and Elegoo is responsible for repair fees.

B. Beyond the 14days but within warranty, a full refund and replacement are not available, but repair is acceptable. Elegoo is responsible for repair fees.

C. Out of warranty, Elegoo will provide free technical support, if the parts need to be replaced, the customer is responsible for the repair fees, which means the customer needs to purchase the parts and bear the freight.

Quality-Related Issue



Responsibility of Fees




Return Shipping Charges

Repair Fees

Within 14 Days



Within Warranty





Out of Warranty






Important: To avoid any delay or denial of processing your refund and replacement request, please verify that the returning product must be with all parts & accessories included and all original tags and labels attached and in the original box (generic boxes will be rejected).

3. Process After Returning Product

After receiving your return and inspecting the condition of your item, we will process your return. Please allow at least 7 days from the receipt of your item to process your return. We will notify you by email when your return has been processed and move to the next warranty process, refund you the payment via Paypal, or send a new replacement to you.


Contact Us

Regarding product issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at the customer service channels below to acquire technical support, refund or exchange.

  1. For 3D printer technical support:
  2. For laser engraver technical support:
  3. For order issues, unwanted item refunds, or returns:
  4. For STEM kits, robots technical support:

When contacting our customer service team, the buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase (the order number from online purchases made through ELEGOO, Amazon, or other ELEGOO's authorized resellers), tell us which product you purchased, and describe the problem as clearly as possible through text, images or short videos. This will help our team to process your inquiries and help you solve the problems more efficiently.

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner

Dare to create with MINI

Revopoint MINI is a high-precision blue light 3D scanner with incredible performance. The MINI is compact and has a precision of up to 0.02mm. Its performance rivals professional dental cast scanners making possible the skilled use of the MINI for dental cast making by professionals. The MINI can also be used for jewelry design, reverse engineering, quality inspection, garage kit reproduction, miniature 3D model making, etc. The MINI is a necessary modeling tool for professionals such as designers, engineers, makers, and medical and scientific research workers.

Amazingly Precision of 0.02mm

The MINI’s industrial-grade scanner precision of 0.02mm allows even the tiniest parts to be accurately scanned and presented as such. The output model has a high density of point clouds with a 0.05mm point distance.

You can use the MINI for dental cast making, jewelry design, garage kit reproduction, miniature 3D model making, and other fields and instances in which obtaining detailed high-precision models is necessary.

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner Amazingly Precision of 0.02mm

Industrial Blue Light

The MINI adopts industrial-grade blue light technology, which projects ultra-high-resolution structured light and has a strong ability to resist ambient light.

The class 1 blue light used in the MINI scanner is harmless to the human body and can be scanned directly on the skin making it safe and user-friendly for all possible applications.

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner Industrial Blue Light

Scan Speed Up to 10fps

Revopoint MINI has a scanning speed of up to 10 frames per second. With the help of upgraded intelligent algorithms, it can significantly reduce stitching errors in successive scanning. The integration of a proprietary chip allows MINI to directly output 3D data.

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner Scan Speed Up to 10fps

Versatile Scanning Modes

The MINI is designed to work as a handheld and turntable scanner for multiple 3D scanning applications.

It supports two ways of the alignment: the maker and the feature. It is an ideal device that can scan objects with various shapes for all kinds of 3D modeling needs.

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner Versatile Scanning Modes

What's In Box

Mini Standard Package

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner what's in box for mini standard package

MINI Dual-axis Turntable Combo

Elegoo Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner what's in box for MINI Dual-axis Turntable Combo


Product Model

Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner


Dual camera blue light

Single-frame Precision

0.02 mm

Point Distance

0.05 mm

Single Capture Range

64 mm x 118 mm

Working Distance

100 mm ~ 200 mm

Minimum Scan Volume

10×10×10 (mm)

Scan Speed

Up to 10 fps

Light Source

Class 1 Blue Light


Feature, Marker

Output Format


Texture Scan


Scanning Environment


Scanner Weight



120×38.5×25 (mm)

Printable Data Output

3D printing ready models

Compatible with

Windows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MAC


5 G

Connector Type

Micro USB

Special Object Scanning

For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.

Show More(14+)


  1. Accuracy was acquired in a controlled lab environment. Actual results might vary, subject to the operation environment.
  2. iOS devices only support Wi-Fi connection
  3. Class 1 Laser: Avoid direct eye exposure for extended periods! Refer to Standards for Class 1 Lasers for details.
Find Your Ideal 3D Printer
Find Your Ideal 3D Printer
Find Your Ideal 3D Printer


1. What is the accuracy of the MINI 3D Scanner?

lt has a single-frame precision of up to 0.02 mm.

2. What is the 3D scanning speed?

The MINI can reach up to 10 fps.

3. What are the differences between the POP 2 and MINI Scanners?

1) MINI and POP 2 target different 3D scanning requirements:

Application Scenarios: POP 2 meets most requirements of makers, DIY lovers. 3D modelers of AR/VR content, and designers.MINl s more for professional applications like reverse engineering, quality control, 3D measurements, jewelry design, healthcare applicationsand more.

2) Recommend Scan Volume:

  • MINI: 10 x10 x10 (mm)~ 500 x 500 x 500 (mm).
  • POP 2:20 x20 x 20(mm) ~ 3 x 3 x 3(m)

You can scan larger objects, but it needs multiple scans and post-process, requiring a high-end computer and advanced scanning skills.

3) Light Source:

the MINl uses blue light, requiring an indoor scanning environment to ensure precision. lf you are looking for a face/body modeling solution, we recommend you choose POP 2

4. Can I directly print the scanned models?

Yes, the STL file can be directly imported into 3D slicer software.

5. Can the 3D scanned model be modified with the design software?

Yes, 3D models scanned by MINI can be exported in PLY, OB), and STL formats which

are compatible with most design software, such as Autodesk CAD, Blender, Maya,

Rhino, Zbrush, Fusion 360, etc.

6. Does MINI have igh system requirements?

No, it can work on a mid-range computer with 5, 8 GB of RAM, and USB 3.0, but the

model processing time will be faster on more powerful computers.

7. Are there any objects that MINI cannot scan?

You need to use scanning spray on transparent and highly reflective objects.

Multiple scans and post-processing are needed for objects larger than 500 x 500 x

500 (mm).

8. Can I use MINI to 3D scan something outdoors?

Sorry, the MINI uses blue light technology, which does not work well in bright environments.

9. What is the minimum size of an object that MINI can scan?

The minimum scanning dimension we recommended for MINI is 10 x10 x10 (mm).

10. What software comes with MINI?

There are three different applications that you can use with your MINl:

  • The 3D scanning software - Revo Scan.
  • The model editing software - Revo Studio.
  • The calibration software - Revo Calibration.