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  • Mars Series

    Achieve exceptional accuracy and print quality with up to 9K resolution, a reliable and budget-friendly option for your creation.

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    Saturn Series

    Combine printing accuracy and a large build volume, and up to 12K resolution can print highly detailed models with stunning clarity and sharpness.

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    Jupiter Series

    Boast a massive build volume and convenient automatic resin feeding to meet the demands of large-scale projects with ease and efficiency.

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    Neptune Series

    Unleash incredible print speed (up to 500mm/s) without sacrificing print quality. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple build volumes for your projects.

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  • Saturn 3 $339.00 USD
  • Saturn 3 Ultra $389.00 USD
  • Saturn 2 From $199.99 USD
  • Saturn S $229.00 USD
  • Saturn 8K $299.99 USD
  • [Pre-order] Saturn 4 Ultra $399.00 USD
  • [Pre-order] Saturn 4 $299.00 USD
  • Jupiter SE $700.00 USD
  • Jupiter $890.00 USD
  • Neptune 4 Max $470.00 USD From $328.99 USD
    Massive Volume
  • Neptune 4 Plus From $244.99 USD
    Massive Volume
  • Neptune 4 Pro From $189.99 USD
    Massive Volume
  • Neptune 4 From $160.99 USD
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