ABS-like Resin V3.0 Colored 1KG&2KG

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Volume: 1KG
Color: #Grey

【High Strength and Toughness】ELEGOO ABS-like resin 3.0 is engineered for high strength, impact resistance, and toughness. The printed models can withstand drilling holes and certain impacts, maintaining their structural integrity and resisting deformation, ideal for functional prototypes, mechanical parts, and industrial parts.

【High Precision & Low Shrinkage】With lower volume shrinkage, our ABS-like resin 3.0 ensures high precision in your 3D prints, resulting in intricate model details and smooth surface finishes with minimal distortion and accurate dimensional stability.

【Good Fluidity for Rapid Prototyping】ELEGOO ABS-like resin 3.0 is formulated with low viscosity to provide good fluidity for faster curing. Its viscosity is 25-47% lower than ABS-like 1.0 and ABS-like 2.0, allowing the resin to quickly flow back into the print area and peel easily from the release film. This improves print success and reduces overall print time.

【Strong Stability】ELEGOO ABS-like resin 3.0 is engineered to maintain good stability, ensuring that the resin does not delaminate or separate over time. This eliminates the need for manual stirring and guarantees consistent color across the model surface.

【Wide Compatibility】ELEGOO ABS-like resin 3.0 is compatible with a wide range of LCD/DLP 3D printers available on the market using 405nm UV light-curing technology, and works best with ELEGOO light-curing 3D printers.


Fully compatible with LCD 3D printers available in the ELEGOO official store, including the Mars series, Saturn series and Jupiter series LCD 3D printers.

(Compatible with all LCD / MSLA / DLP 3D Printers)

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Volume: 1KG
Color: #Grey
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